Dieter Hanamann

Sous Chef
The Iron Horse Hotel

Born & raised Wisconsin, Hanamann grew up in rural New Holstein, WI. College brought him to the big city, where he attended UW-Milwaukee and majored in Political Science. After graduation, his love of cooking as a hobby, brought him to the Iron Horse Hotel shortly after opening. He aims to bring the guest the best culinary experience he can while doing what is necessary to make their dining experience memorable.

Hanamann began at the Iron Horse Hotel & Smyth when it was nothing but bathrooms and plywood flooring. Having worked solely at the Iron Horse Hotel, Hanaman has watched the growth right from the beginning &has been able to see it evolve in to one of the top restaurants in Milwaukee. Hanamann has learned and studied from several chefs of varying backgrounds and cooking styles & has developed directly under Suzy Crofton, a Michelin Star Chef.

Admittedly loving to watch Law & Order & the Discovery Channel, Hanamann also enjoys reading about new food techniques & styles and watching cooking shows & documentaries. When he can sneak away, he loves being outdoors, camping and spending time with his wife and family.

Dieter enjoys experimenting with new cooking styles & ingredients. He is always trying to create something new. “I want the guests’ experience to be unique; something to they go home and tell their friends about. I want everyone to leave with a full belly and a smile on their face,” Hanamann says.


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