Let’s rock ‘n’ roll! It’s no surprise our Director of Rooms Keanen Kopplin is our resident music guru. The father of two plays in several Milwaukee-area bands, and has toured nationally both solo and as part of a band. Here, he shares his on-rotation records to enjoy during quarantine and beyond.

“There really isn’t much I won’t listen to. From metal to country, I really find a time and place for all of it and enjoy all genres. Here are a few albums I find myself searching for in my phone and turning up any time they come on (in no specific order) during quarantine.”

The National – “Boxer”
This album is timeless and has always resonated with whatever mood I’m in, whether it be for background music during breakfast, self-reflection or inspiration.

Wilder Woods – Self titled
Bear Rinehart’s first solo album is extremely well written with a seamless flow song to song. The whole record comes in just shy of 35 minutes, leading me to “accidentally” listen to the whole thing at least twice each time I put it on.

Pearl Jam – “Gigaton”
Pearl Jam’s newest album hits as hard for me as “Vitalogy” (but not as hard as “Ten”).

Gang of Youths – “Go Farther in Lightness”
I first heard this Australian band on 88.9 RadioMilwaukee and instantly began stalking them. After obsessing for 48 hours, I saw they were coming to Chicago to perform at the Metro within a couple weeks. The concert did not disappoint and they’ve been on rotation ever since.

OneRepublic – “Oh My My”
Honestly one of my favorite bands – don’t @ me …

Thrice – “To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere”
I have been hitting Thrice records hard since 2001. Each one of their records ends up in my top 10 in some sort of rotation every year.

Dirty Honey – Self titled
This band really reflects the rock bands from the ’70s and ’80s. I’m not one of those people that think, “This sounds like *insert band*. Can’t they be more original?” You write what you want, and if it’s something I like, I’ll get down to it.

Killswitch Engage – ‘The End of Heartache”
This album hits front to back, and always will for me. Howard Jones was a better front man then Jesse Leach — I don’t care what you say.

Eric Church – “61 Days in Church Volume 5”
I jam with an Eric Church tribute band (CHIEF – A tribute to Church) and now I’m a fan. What can I say? Lol

Roddy Ricch – “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial”
This young rapper is just getting started. If you like Nipsey’s music, you’ll probably get down with Roddy Ricch.