Did you know our Director of Lifestyle Jordan Dechambre is a former fashion editor and stylist? In fact, she still spends time advising Milwaukee on what to wear on Milwaukee’s FOX6 WakeUp News. This month, she joined Fox 6 via Skype with five things to consider before your next video conference call. Follow these tips to put your best face forward!

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1. Face Time: Always keep the light to your face, never your back. However, avoid overly bright light, like from a sunny window, which can create harsh shadows. Need a little help? Consider investing in a ring light for your most camera-ready look. Then, angle your computer camera slightly down — never up your nose — for your most flattering angle.

2. Create Your Set: Pay attention to what’s behind you and set the scene like you would for a staged photograph. Avoid spaces that are too crowded or over accessorizing. Simple is best. Also, think about where you will be placed in the frame of the set (never too close to avoid a wide face look — keep plenty of space around your head and shoulders).

3. Remove Distractions: Pets, children and even spouses or roommates can be a huge distraction when you’re in a meeting; choose a quiet space where you will not be interrupted, like a bedroom or office.

4. Pump Up the Makeup: Direct and natural light can often be very bright, which can wash out your skin tone; add a bit more foundation, blush and lipstick to ensure your face isn’t lost in the brightness. And always check your appearance on your computer’s camera and allow time for adjustments before your video call.

5. Consider Your Clothes: Avoid patterns, which can become distorted on computer screens; opt for colors that flatter your skin tone and minimal jewelry. It’s also best to avoid solid black or white, which can appear a bit bulky.